Monday, July 27, 2015

Goodbye Sale

Since I am into some new things, I will end my store at
Pixels & Art Design
Enjoy my Sale here

About these new things?
I will set up a 'print on demand', first in the Netherlands and Europe,
because of the shipping costs.
But also for the rest of the world, just mail me.

This is an example of one of the prints:

with text, anything you like:

Next, I have some (a lot) of sigar-boxes and will work on these.
Like I did for myself: a purse.

Other ideas:
birthday calendar
jewelery case

and a lot more.
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where I will post new items, coupons and sales.

Deze blog zal voortaan 'gewoon' in het Nederlands zijn, net als mijn nieuwsbrief.
Ook mijn Winkeltje is in het Nederlands.
Over een tijdje is de winkel gevuld en zal ik een speciaal Pinterest board maken.
Wordt vervolgd ;-)