Saturday, May 30, 2015

Designer Spotlight

For two weeks I am in the Spotlight!
And I have some fun things for you.

First a sale: these two weeks all my products (starting at $2) are available with a 40% discount!

Including my newest scrapkit {Reach for Peach}

Buying this scrapkit means you will get this free:

Next thing is, I have written two tutorials about
More Media Memories

It's about using the newest digital techniques in your scrap layouts: 
showing a small video with a link in a QR code!

Do you have a smartphone with a QR-reader?
Hold it in front of the screen and scan the code.
You will be directed to my YouTube video!

The second tutorial is about how to put the link to a slideshow with photos
in the QR code.
The slideshow also 'moves' like a video.

Now, is this an extra dimension in your scraps or not?!
Go to our Pixels&Art forum for more information!

Because May is almost over, I have a new Mini Skills challenge for you.
Do you have the Skills to make 3 different layouts with one mini kit?
Use all items in the mini in every layout!
Can you do it?

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Come to our Fanpage!

Do you love to take part in Challenges? 
Tell us here what your favourite Challenge is and win these Love Grows Pocket Journals. 
Once you have made your comment I will PM you with a link to the free gift.
You can find us HERE

My layout made with a photo of my parents at the time of their engagement.
I used the plain cards for background.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Do you have the Skills?

Join me in the Pixels &Art Design forum

Do you have the skills?
Can you make three (yes: 3!) layouts 
with one mini?
Because May is the month of Mother's Day
I want to see a mother in all 3 layouts.
Put a comment in the forum
and I will send you the zip to the mini!
Use it all, only a photo and some text (or a title) allowed.

Show your skills and you will receive the link 
to this additional mini as a reward:

Impossible? No!
Hard to do? Maybe.
But hey! 
That's what challenges are about, aren't they?

To show you it can be done, I show you my work 
with two minis of 
Maria Design.