Saturday, May 3, 2014

Newsletter Follow LizzyQXdesign

At this interNational Scrapbooking Day I thought it was a good idea
to start with a newsletter.

Why a newsletter you might think?
There are already só many newsletters and 
don't you have a blog and a facebookpage....?

The benefit of a newsletter is you don't have to do nothing!
You don't have to keep in mind to visit my blog
or like my facebookpage and hope fb is kind enough to show my new posts.
Once you subscribe to Follow LizzyQXdesign you can sit back
and receive all the news I have in your mailbox.

Why should you follow me?
Well, because I am a nice person...
because you like my designing style...
because you want to know what challenges I host...
because you like savings...

I made up a Saving System!
Collect stamps by reading the newsletter,
participate in my challenges,
make a purchase in my store,
show a LayOut you made with my scrapkits!
If you have all 20, you send the card to me
and you will receive a coupon for
a scrapkit from one of my stores!

Want to know more?

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