Thursday, April 11, 2013

My start

Why should I have a blog?

That is what I always was thinking.
Who would follow me?
Why should someone want to? LOL!

Well, now I have found a reason: I am accepted as selling digital-scapbook-designer at:
Berry Applicious, ScrapPNG, MyMemories and Memory Lane Scrapz!
And one thing they want me to do is advertise my kits on my blog ;-)

First let me tell something about me:
I am Els, born in feb. 1958 and living in the Netherlands.
Ever since I was a child, I was very creative.
Last year I discovered digital scrapping (after a few years 'hybrid' scrapping) and I was hooked right away!
Then I started designing and here I am with my scrapkits.

I write this in English, because most Dutch people can read that (sorry mam!) and English people don't understand a word of the Dutch!


  1. Hey Els,

    I wish a lot of succes with you're blog.

    Succes!!!! RI@ K

  2. Dear Els

    Look forward to seeing your kits in store at Berry Applicious.

    I hope to have one of your kits to work with.

    Luv Chris

    1. Thank you Chris, the first kit is on now ;-)

      I will have a freebie soon on my blog!